After killing Mohib Ullah, informed the one ordering the mission

Md Elias Md Elias, one of those arrested for killing of Rohingya community leader Mohib Ullah, has admitted that he was directly involved in the murder mission.

He signed a confessional confessional statement under Section 164 of CrPC in Cox's Bazar Senior Judicial Magistrate Shelal Uddin's court on yesterday (Saturday) while admitting having been involved in killing according to our Cox's Bazar reporter, who cites court sources.

"After shooting and killing Mohib Ullah, I informed the person ordering the killing from my mobile phone that the mission was successful," Elias was also able to inform the court, according to the sources.

Elias also addressed the court in detail who was responsible for the murder, and how it was planned and the way it was carried out.

Elias (35) Elias (35) has been named the chief "Majhi" of Block-C Kutupalong Lambashiya Rohnigya camp 6 in Ukhiya was detained with the help of members from the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) on the 3rd of October during an operation at Kutupalong Camp 5.

"The other four arrested and remanded for questioning gave important information to police about the murder. But none of them made a confessional statement," the district police officer, who is who was involved in the investigation into the investigation said to The Daily Star.

Five of the suspects arrested in connection with the killing were detained until the end of three consecutive days, according to the court. They were brought before the court on Tuesday following three days of interrogation.

Other than Elias the four other accused in the investigation are Mohammad Selim, Ziaur Rahman, Abdus Salam and Shawkat Ullah.

Mohib Ullah, who led the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights Mohib Ullah, who was the leader of the Arakan Rohing murdered at around 8:30pm at Kutupalong Rohingya camp. Kutupalong Rohingya camp on September 29.

Habib Ullah, Mohib's brother has filed the case with Ukhiya Police Station on September 30. The complainant was able to provide details of the killing, but did not charge anyone.


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